Crowns and Onlays are probably the strongest and longest lasting restorations that we as Dentists can place. They wrap around the whole tooth and protect from cracking, and are especially useful if you have lost over 60% of tooth or after a root canal. Veneers are like “half crowns” that cover teeth cosmetically with vibrant, life like porcelain. Bridges are a way of replacing a tooth where the false tooth is joined to two crowns either side.

At Hobsons Bay Dental we use only tooth coloured porcelain such as the revolutionary EMax or porcelain fused to zirconia crowns for front teeth, as the outdated metal based crowns can look very ugly. Have you ever seen someone with a dark line around their front crown? We don’t want that for our patients.

We use the latest crowns and bridges made from monolithic milled zirconia (a diamond like substance) for most molar restorations.  What is the difference between one of our zirconia crowns and some of the other outdated types like Porcelain fused to Metal you may ask? Our milled zirconia crowns are virtually indestructible!