teeth-whiteningHealthy white teeth are very desirable, and all our Dentists are extremely well researched and experienced in the field of tooth bleaching.

We strongly believe that the best tooth whitening is achieved through overnight bleaching, with properly made custom fitted trays and good quality effective bleach. We go to painstaking lengths using the best materials to capture accurate impressions, then make all our beaching trays in house to ensure we have a quality tray that will seal out saliva at the gumline and yield better results. We are very specific in our techniques and materials, and we know from experience that “quick” impressions, “average” trays and “whatever” daytime bleach will simply not achieve the best results your teeth could get. We do not believe that fancy brand name lasers or lights do anything and you are better off saving your money. Ask any of our dentists about whitening and we will give you an honest appraisal of whether you will benefit from it and what your likely outcomes are.