Hobsons-XRaysX-Rays are an important diagnostic tool, as there are many areas in the mouth that despite our best examinations we are still unable to see properly.

All the X-Rays we take are with the latest state of the art digital technology, meaning we keep doses as low as possible, and are also able to get the best image quality and diagnostic ability by using our computers. Old fashioned film is now a thing of the past.

We routinely take Bitewing X-Rays to see between the teeth, as new decay can creep up unexpectedly and rapidly in teeth or around old fillings. We are also fortunate enough to have other X-Ray machines at our disposal including an OPG machine and Lateral Ceph machine.

In particular the OPG is a really valuable screening tool, and within minutes we can see things we may not have known existed, such as impacted teeth, or jaw lesions such as cysts or even cancer. We think an OPG is part of a thorough examination and are amazed every day at some of the unexpected things we diagnose.